In English

Hàleyg Vikingmarked is a cooperative between several viking groups in Hålogaland, the north of Norway. The idea is that this will be an ambulant market, one year in Tromsø, the next in Bodø and so on, which will give both the viking groups and the public a varied experience.

The chieftains in Lofoten, Tromsø and Bodø own the market. It is our hope that the joint ownership will gather the vikings in Håløygen and bring increased interest in early iron age/viking age in the north of Norway, both among leymen and academics. We believe that our “hands-on” aproach can offer a different perspective, and that a more visual form of learning than most people have been used to from school can awaken a perhaps dormant interest in history with many.

The vikings who visit the market live in a camp of tents, as close as we can imagine to how people who travelled to market in those days might have lived. We cook our food over fires, with stuff we know was available, clothe ourselves as authentic as possible and perform crafts which were common. You will meet jugglers and musicians, archers and sword fighters. There will be classes, lectures, theatre and story tellers.

Welcome to a very out of the ordinary and fun experience with us!


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